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Malaysians are the most obese people in the south east Asia as recorded in a 2017 report. This can be attributed to Malaysians love for food and their culture of inviting guests with food. But obesity and being overweight has led to loss of so many man hours in the past one year due to health related problems and the decreased efficiency at work by obese people. To counter these problems there are many Malaysians that are trying to lose weight effectively and to keep it away. Losing weight however, is no easy feat.

The use of supplements to help in weight loss is not a new concept in Malaysia but the worry of many who would want to benefit from supplements is lack of supplements they can trust. This review will help to put into perspective one of the most internationally renowned supplement manufacturer called Crazy Bulk. If you are in the market for some supplements then chances are you have seen some Crazy Bulk products online. Here is all you need to know about Crazy Bulk.

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Who are Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is a renowned supplement maker that is well known for providing the market with their legal alternatives to steroids. Crazy Bulk was started in 2004 which is evidence enough that you can trust their products.

Crazy Bulk provides different products than other companies in the market because they have supplements that are all natural. None of their products is known to contain any synthetic or harmful chemicals. If you do not want to put any more chemicals in your body, Crazy Bulk products are the way to go.

Benefits of Choosing Crazy bulk products

Crazy Bulk products come with a load of benefits when you decide to go with them. First of all you will get to see the results promised very quickly. In the first week you will notice changes in the way you workout, how long you can workout and you will also be having explosive workouts if you are using any bulking or strength product like Dbal. In the second and third weeks expect to start seeing more muscle growth already happening. Crazy Bulk products don’t keep you guessing, looking in the mirror every hour looking for the tiniest change you can spot. You will definitely see it and others will notice too.

Crazy bulk Malaysia products are natural and safe. They are legal, made in a FDA approved facility and they can be purchased without any prescription. To sweeten the deal for you, Crazy Bulk products are not only natural but contain high quality ingredients. You will not find shoddy ingredients that cannot be backed up by any scientific studies in Crazy Bulk products. In fact most of the ingredients they use, if not all have been researched extensively and been proven to offer the claimed benefits. That is unlike many products in the market.

Some ingredients used in Crazy Bulk products

There are many ingredients used considering that they have many products to their name. Here however is a little taste of the ingredients that you expect in Crazy Bulk products.

Tribulus Terrestris – this is one of the best known natural testosterone boosters in the market. You will find this in bulking and also cutting supplements because testosterone is essential in building lean muscle and also cutting out fat.

Soy protein – this is a very effective ingredient that enhances protein synthesis and therefore your ability to build muscle. Expect this mostly in the bulking supplements.

Whey Protein – another great protein that ensures you can build muscle fast. You will also find this ingredient very prevalent in the bulking supplements.

Safflower oil – this is one of the ingredients that you can find in supplements in the cutting cycle. It increases lanoleic acid in the body which is very good at raising the body’s metabolism. This ensures that you will always be burning and annihilating fat even in the resting state.

Other high quality ingredients that you expect in Crazy Bulk’s products include; branched amino acids, different Vitamins, Garcinia Cambogia, Panax Ginseng, Guarana extract, fenugreek, wild yam root and many more others.

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How to buy Crazy Bulk Malysia

If you are in Malaysia and need Crazy Bulk products, the good news is that you can be able to get them. Crazy Bulk products are available from the manufacturer’s official website. Here you can just place your order of any size and the product will be delivered to Malaysia for you, free of charge. That’s right, no need to worry about shipping costs regardless of the size of your order.

You can also enjoy the money back guarantee, huge discounts on prices and even bulk discounts when you buy more than one bottle of your favorite supplement. What’s more, you get the third product of your order absolutely free whether you just bought a single product or a stack. Imagine getting a whole stack of supplements totally free.

Side Effects

We did a very extensive and comprehensive research on all the Crazy Bulk products in the market. There are many reviews of these products online from independent and real Crazy Bulk team. From our research we have seen that the use of natural ingredients in Crazy Bulk has really paid off in eliminating side effects. We did not come across any reports and complaints of side effects.


We recommend Crazy Bulk products to all men and women out there looking to have the body of their dreams. Are looking to lose fat and be healthy? Are you looking to build muscle and have the body of the hulk? Do you want to chisel and shred out your body, look like an athlete? Are you looking to just drop the fat levels in your body? Do you want to boost the hormones so your body can perform optimally? Are you looking to tone and shape your muscles? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then Crazy Bulk products are for you.

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